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    The proven process of creating a website is the success of your business

    05 Steps

    01. Pre-work
    This is the most important part of the whole process. Together we will lay the foundations for the future project: we will brainstorm, write some documents, and develop an overall strategy and basic road map for the project at the end of the phase.
    02. Template or an original design
    We prepare visualizations based on the findings from the previous phase or together we choose a template that best suits your needs. After you accept the visualization or choose views from the template, we will start the implementation phase.
    03. Development
    In this phase, we turn ideas and blueprints into an actual product. We test the implemented solutions - we want to find and fix any problems or bugs identified. Once we've agreed that everything looks and is working according to plan, the implementation phase begins.
    04. Implementation
    At this stage, we make your website public - move it to a place that is accessible to all internet users. We will carry out more quality tests to ensure that all users will have an experience that meets your original expectations.
    05. Web Care
    This is an additional service that switches the responsibility for server maintenance, security issues, or updating the website engine and extensions over to us. You will never have to worry about the condition of your website again, and when you want to make any changes or improvements, we will be there for you.

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    We share with our clients our knowledge, experience and passion in creating modern websites and online stores. WP PARTNER team is not just a group of people but a team of enthusiasts who are not afraid of new challenges.
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    Mikołaj Maciejewski

    Project Manager
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    Filip Szymański

    Project Manager

    Szymon Konieczny

    Web Developer
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    Marcin Kusior

    Web Developer

    Maksymilian Spławski

    Web Developer

    Rafał Bandrowski

    Web Developer