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Price list


/ month

For websites and small eCommerce

The current update of the website engine and installed extensions.

Performing a monthly backup on an external server, enabling the website to be quickly restored in the event of a failure.

Analysis after a possible hacking hack, changing access passwords, and restoring an up-to-date backup of the website.

Reporting performed activities.

Making minor changes to the page.

The maximum total time for all activities is 2 hours a month.

Additional work hours - ask for price


/ month

For websites and eCommerce

As part of the Premium package, all activities included in the Standard package are implemented as well:

Introducing ordered modifications on the website.

Ongoing website security testing.

Suggesting changes in accordance with the latest trends and technological capabilities of the website engine.

Consultation with an SEO specialist.

The maximum total time for all activities is 5 hours a month.

Additional work hours - priced individually


/ hour

Designed for large websites, portals and eCommerce

Premium package is not enough for you? As part of the individual package, we jointly define the scope of work necessary for your website to function efficiently and your data to be secure.

As in the case of the Standard and Premium packages, at the end of each month you will receive a detailed report on the work done and a description of the current state of your website.


What does the cooperation look like?
After signing the contract, we immediately start working. Every month, we perform tasks in accordance with the purchased subscription, which allows for the stable operation of your website. In addition, we help you develop the website, propose new solutions, and carry out tasks commissioned by you.
How is our work reported?
At the end of each month, you will receive a detailed report on the work done and the current status of your website. How do we help in the event of a breakdown? We try to fix the failure as soon as possible. Our website backups allow us to quickly restore the website to full working order.
What if the working time limit for a given subscription is exceeded?
If the execution of a given task exceeds the time limit, we send you estimates of the additional time needed. After accepting the estimation, we proceed to action.